Harbor of Morning Soul Moonlight

Even at sleep.
The breath of my space still loves you.
Drawn into time,
Our sacred touch upon waking.
A tender nibble of elbow.
The feel of your hands.
The crescent moons of almond splendor,

Our nightly watch now over.
May my comforting never cease.
The joy felt in seeing your lips move.
One tiny motion at a time.
Beloved words spoken through taste,
A breath into my ear.

You are not just moon shadow;
A mist fantasy captured of dreams.
You are my humble tide.
calm seas comfort.
Cradling the harbor of my sunlit soul.




  1. “a tender nibble of elbow” – exquisite!

    • The words keep getting better as we age. And everything seems like it’s more adventure. Welcome to The club, Psychic Blue Neon Cafe, Christy! Glad you’re here.

  2. Julie Catherine

    This is a beautiful poem – I love, “The breath of my space still loves you.” … lovely line. I came here from Christy’s blog, and so glad that I did! ~ Julie 🙂

    • Always wonderful to know: my writing company found something special within the verse. Your connection with “Harbor of Morning Soul Moonlight,” provides inspiration for further posts of this feel. Very honored. Thank you for posting. Will continue to bring you the best of happy verse! — Max @ The Psychic Blue Neon

      • Yay, I’m glad Julie found this blog too 🙂 I came back to have another read of the great poem and saw her comment! Lovely

      • A gifted thank-you for giving Julie the buzz on the Cafe. Serving my superb guests sweet words…the feeling is heavenly:) We all have a good communitity—and all are so very lucky to be connected in this way. I am ALWAYS thinking about how wonderful it is to see the sharing. Let your comment and creativity grow more important everyday.

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